West Liguria

From 02/08 to 06/08 (4 days)

From 28/10 to 01/11 (5 days)

From 08/11 to 11/11 or 12/11 (3 days ou 4 days)
From 22/11 to 26/11 (4 days ou 6 days)

West Luguria

Escape everyday life on the Riviera dei Fiori between sea and mountains, immerse in the romantic Italian world, it’s cafe, gelato (ice-cream), pasta, pizzas/focaccia, its typical sounds and its singing language, Ligurian ports were you can see its facades of colored houses, its typical bell-towers, by a cabotage (coastal) navigation always close to the coast, allowing stops over by simple decision of the crew to stroll at leisure and discover.


Possible program: Cervo full of music, Diano Marina with enthusiasm, Laigueglia and Alassio with their pedestrian streets, Albenga with its Roman maritime museum, the private island of Galinera with its blue waters and wildlife, Imperia with its port where it is a delight to wake up to the return of the fishermen.Bordighera to pace the streets where the scents emerge from the gardens of the villas.

Fabulous possibilities, it is up to you to choose and to guide the captain and his crew!!!!!


Ouest de la Ligurie