The Aeolian islands

From 12/07 to 19/07 (7 days)

aeolian islands

Long cruising with departure from Olbia, afternoon/evening reception with the leaving crew and the new arrivals. Night anchoring in the bay and the next day cruising to the Eolian Islands (Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Stromboli, Basiluzzo, Panarea, Lipari, Vulcano), with its famous volcanoes. To realise our desires of navigation in all freedom, without any constraint, to play the tourists during the various halts, in particular, watching the volcanoes during night time. Go through the test of the passage of Messina with its currents;

To discover the local ambience, just relax… to enjoy the nature with the crew.

Unique beauty, with fascinating geophysical features (two of the islands are active volcanoes!)

Great historical richness, countless legends and Greek myths, fabulous sea baths, incredible beaches, magnificent views, myriad possibilities of walks in the mountains and on the coast, tantalising dishes and succulent dessert wines … Despite all this, the Aeolian Islands are relatively unknown outside Italy and remain surprisingly intact outside the busy weeks of August. Arrival in Catania halfway between the cities of Messina and Syracuse, at the foot of the Etna volcano. Along the edge of the shore of mainly lava and crevices, the dull magnificence of its black rocky cliffs, unexpectedly, besides the commercial zones of its harbor, to become above all a coastline of golden sand (the beach of Plaia) and the last of which is the marshy mouth of the « Oasis of the Symèthe river » where the fertile silts welcome a unique and protected Sicilian ecosystem.

We will then be in the Gulf of Ognina. It is the only maritime cove worthy of remark. It corresponds to the mythical « port of Ulysses”. (The Portus Ulixis or Portus Odysseus quoted by Pline the Elder). It is the presumed and legendary landing stage of the Homeric hero and his companions in the Ionian Triad.

Before arriving at the airport, you will be able to discover the Greco-Roman period, the Byzantine testimonies, the time of the Arabs, the Normandy heritage, the ancient Jewish quarters, the fortifications and ramparts, The Obelisk of the Fountain of the “Elephant”, etc…

Do not forget that you will always welcome the next crew unless you are one of them!


Îles Éoliennes